Seth MacFarlane Channels Inner Frank Sinatra

Seth MacFarlane’s talent isn’t just writing for Family Guy. MacFarlane apparently has some pipes on him! The creator-writer surprised guests when he grabbed a microphone at a new Los Angeles…..

Miley Cyrus Blames Stumble On Being Stoned

“I got too stoned”. That was Miley Cyrus’s explanation after stumbling over lyrics at Bill Murray tribute. Her “pal” Bill Murray came to the rescue and defended the Wrecking Ball…..

Ryan Gosling Was Almost Apart Of Gilmore Girls

Ryan Gosling was almost a Gilmore Girl? Well, not exactly. He was almost a “football character” actually. Casting director Jami Rudofsky remembers seeing “something” in Gosling but her other colleagues…..

Taylor Swift Sings Her Ex’s Song Onstage

It’s been almost a year since Taylor Swift appeared on stage and she came back, raising eyebrows? Swift hit the stage, singing some of her best hits! The singer turned heads and…..