Best Dressed At The BET Music Awards

Stars poured out for the 2017 BET music awards and they all came dressed to the nine…well sort of. Celebs came dressed in a variety of items, some were hits…..

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Get Matching Tattoos

Butterfly, that right butterfly well Scott and Jenner thinks it was a great tattoo signifying there love. It’s actually a perfect insect for celebrity couple. Scott released his single “Butterfly Effect” last month and immediately shared…..

Leah Remini VS Scientology

Since leaving the controversial church in July 2013, Leah has written a book about scientology and produced a show called “Scientology and the Aftermath” on A&E network which tells a dark…..

Demi Moore Has No Front Teeth

The beautiful  Hollywood icon Demi Moore from shows and films such as General Hospital and Ghost to name a few which earned her a golden globe nomination. At the time she was considered one…..